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For visitors interested in bird watching, or wishing to explore Tobago, internationally recognised field naturalist and local environmentalist Peter Cox offers well organised and well informed bird watching, nature and sight seeing tours. Tours are based on clients specific interests.

The island of Tobago is located close to the South American mainland and as a result has tremendous biodiversity for its small size. It also has one of the most interesting, chequered histories of any of the other Caribbean Islands. With Peter Cox you can really experience the best of Tobago nature and also hear about the islands history.

Some of the main places of interest are the main ridge forest reserve, Little Tobago sea bird sanctuary, Bon accord wetlands, Castara and many waterfalls including the well known Argyle Falls

Peter Cox developed an interest for bird watching and local plants from his mother whom was very well known for local remedies. His interest for the animals started about 20 years ago and in the last 15 years he has been very active in conservation work, mainly with regard to the Endangered Giant Leatherback turtle.

Our tours are tailored to the client's requirements and include pickup, or start of the tour, from either your hotel, holiday home or from cruise ships in Scarborough port.

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